Raceplay was launched in January 2016 as a service to enable real-time tracking for multisport events. The service was used at several events, such as the Swedish Adventure Race series, during the first year. Raceplay has then been improved to support several types of races and events. The service has been used by the Swedish cycling event Ride Of Hope.Raceplay is a GPS tracking service made for all kinds of events or races.The tracking page is fully responsive, which means it works on all different types of devices. It can also be customized in a number of ways to fit the needs of each event. Raceplay supports several different background map providers, as well as adding event specific maps as overlays.


Raceplay is a service for race organizers and events to enable GPS tracking in real-time, to increase the quality and status of the event. The GPS positions for the participants is stored either by using a mobile app, or by using an external GPS device. The positions are then sent automatically to Raceplay, and displayed in real-time on the Raceplay tracking website. The tracking page is responsive and supports several background maps. It is possible to customize the page both when it comes to the content and the layout and design.

Tracking units

The service can be used with both regular mobile devices, and with external GPS devices. Raceplay currently has 60 tracking units for rental. The model of the units are Queclink GL300. They are small and waterproof, and the update frequency can be customized.


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